•   L. E. Dickson instructor, The University of Chicago, 2016-present


    •   PhD, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Department of Mathematics, Moscow, Russia, 2013-2016
    •   MA, University of Cambridge, Department of Mathematics, Cambridge, UK, 2012-2013
    •   BS, Saint Petersburg State University, Department of Mathematics, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2007-2012
    •   Mathematical school 239, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2003-2007


    •   Mixed Tate motives, polylogarithms, Zagier conjecture
    •   Cluster algebras and their relation to polylogarithms and scattering amplitudes
    •   Non-Euclidean and projective geometry


    •   Geometry of a non-Euclidean tetrahedron, Regge symmetries and E7 (in preparation) 
    •   Motivic correlators, cluster varieties and Zagier’s conjecture on zeta(F,4) (Joint with A. Goncharov), ArXiv: 1803.08585 [math.AG]
    •   On the functional equations for polylogarithms in one variable, ArXiv: 1511.09110 [math.AG]
    •   The Strong Suslin Reciprocity Law, ArXiv: 1511.00520 [math.KT] (submitted)
    •   Arithmetic of 3-valent graphs and equidissections of flat surfaces, ArXiv: 1411.0285 [math.CO] (submitted)
    •   On the strong Suslin reciprocity law, Functional Analysis and Its Applications, vol.1 (2016)
    •   On equidissection of balanced polygons, Journal of Mathematical Sciences, volume 190, issue 3, pp 486-495 (2013)


    •   Simons Foundation Scholarship, 2014
    •   Mobius Contest, third prize, 2013
    •   International Mathematics Competition for College Students, first diploma, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 2010


    •   REU, Apprentice program, 06/2018-07/2018
    •   IBL calculus, 10/2017-06/2018
    •   Young Scholars Program, 06/2017
    •   Algebra 3, Abstract Linear Algebra, Analysis 1, Algebraic Geometry, 10/2016-06/2018
    •   Hilbert Third Problem and algebraic K-theory lecture course, 01/2014-05/2014


    •   Cluster algebras and depth conjecture for polylogarithms, Topology seminar, University of California, Irvine, 05/2018
    •   Cluster algebras and depth conjecture for polylogarithms, Cluster Algebras seminar, University of Notre Dame, 04/2018
    •   Depth conjecture for polylogarithms, Geometric Langlands seminar, University of Chicago (3 talks), 04/2018
    •   Polylogarithms, cluster algebras and Zagier Conjecture, Workshop on periods and regulators, HIM, Bonn, 01/2018 
    •   Functional equations for polylogarithms, Geometry/Physics seminar, Northwestern University, 02/2016  
    •   Functional equations for polylogarithms, Geometric Langlands seminar, University of Chicago, 01/2016
    •   On Zagier conjecture, motivic seminar, Chebyshev laboratory, Saint Petersburg, 09/2015
    •   Scissor congruence and reciprocity laws, Conference on algebraic structures in convex geometry, Moscow, 02/2015
    •   On the Hilbert third problem, seminar of Laboratory of algebraic geometry, Moscow, 12/2014
    •   Hilbert third problem and reciprocity laws, seminar on combinatorics of characteristic classes, Moscow, 11/2014
    •   On equidissection problem, seminar of Laboratory of algebraic geometry, Moscow, 12/2013
    •   Equidissections of flat surfaces, seminar on Combinatorics of Vasiliev invariants, Moscow, 04/2013
    •   Equidissections of polygons and tropical colorings, tropical geometry seminar, Geneva 04/2012